History of the Cranbrook Hill Greenway

In November 1994, the Cranbrook Hill Trail Task Group was formed. Initial planning began and the Cranbrook Hill Greenway Proposal was presented to BC Lands, the City of Prince George and the Fraser Fort George Regional District in June 1995. In October, the task group disbanded and the Cranbrook Hill Greenway Society was formed. The Society developed an agreement with the City of Prince George for the development and management of the Cranbrook Hill Greenway.
Next, a report was prepared outlining the three year greenway development plan along with the ongoing management objectives. In 1997, the first major development work started with the clearing of the right-of-way for recreational activities throughout the entire greenway. In 1998, further work was completed and it is now complete. The greenway trail is now useable with direction signs, distance markers and most boardwalks and culverts in place.

Forest Renewal BC

The development of the Cranbrook Hill Greenway would not have progressed so rapidly without the support of Forest Renewal BC.
In June 1997, the society received a $100,000 grant from Forest Renewal BC to undertake the first year of a three-year development plan. In 1998, another $100,000 grant from Forest Renewal BC was used to complete the second year of the plan. In 1999, with Forest Renewal BC’s help, the society completed the final year of the greenway trail development.

2009 Job Opportunites Program

During 2009 the City of Prince George in partnership with the Greenway Society sponsored a Job Opportunity Program. This has enabled a tremendous amount of work to be completed in upgrading the Cranbrook Hill Greenway. For details of the work completed contact the Greenway Society.